How to Start Seeds Indoors (the easy way!)

Here in southern Connecticut (USDA Zone 7a), late winter through early spring is the time for starting seeds indoors, because frost-tender plants like tomatoes cannot go into the garden until mid to late May. However, those seeds can be started indoors weeks before they go out into the garden. Also, you can get a jump on the growing season by putting plants in the garden rather than sowing seed directly in the soil.

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Starting a New Vegetable Garden

Starting a new vegetable garden from scratch can be challenging if you aren’t sure where or how to start. I took a lot of photos to document how I started my new vegetable garden (and later when it was expanded), and now I want to share the process with you.

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87 Free Seed Catalogs – Part 2

There are so many free seed catalogs to choose from, that I had to break this list into two parts! Here’s the second half of the free seed catalog list.

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87 Free Seed Catalogs – Part 1

Every winter, gardeners anxiously wait by their mailboxes – waiting for their free seed catalogs. Page upon page of gorgeous pics of yummy veggies, fruit, herbs and beautiful flowers that we dream of growing in our own gardens. We call the free seed catalogs wishbooks. The stuff that gardener’s dreams are made of.

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12 Uncommon Gifts for the Serious Gardener

Trying to think of a unique, uncommon gift for a serious gardener is hard – especially if you aren’t into gardening yourself. Being an experienced gardener, I pulled together a list of uncommon gifts to fit any budget, and gifts that are sure to be loved and used every season.