How to Grow Kale

Okay, I admit. I had never even eaten kale at the time I decided to learn how to grow kale. I mean, I had never even considered kale to be edible, let alone enjoyable. When I worked in a restaurant, we used it to cover the ice in the salad bar – so eating it? Nope. It was only last summer when I bought some seeds at the dollar store (5 packs for $1.00!) that I thought I would learn how to grow kale. I called it my 20ยข experiment.

How to Grow Eggplant

Eggplant is one of those vegetables that you either love or hate – and no in between. It is a really pretty plant with beautiful flowers, and gorgeous, dark purple, purple & white striped or white fruit. And then there is eggplant Parmesan – which for me, is reason enough to learn how to grow eggplant!

How to Grow Cucumbers

Did you know that the cucumbers in the grocery store are coated with wax to keep them looking fresh? Ewwwww. Now that’s a good a reason to learn how to grow cucumbers yourself! Cucumbers are easy to grow, and if you grow them on a trellis, you can grow several pounds of them in a small amount of space.

How to Grow Carrots

My first memory of being in the garden was when my dad showed me the difference between a carrot and a weed, so I could help him with weeding the vegetable garden. I was four years old – learning how to grow carrots literally at my daddy’s knee. That’s how easy it is to grow carrots – a four year old can do it!

How to Grow Beets

Don’t you just love the earthy taste of beets? Beets are another easy to grow vegetable. And did you know that the leaves of beets are also edible? It’s a two-crops-in-one plant! Let’s find out how to grow beets!

How to Grow Beans

Green beans, string beans, snap beans, haricot vert – whatever it is that you call them – beans are one of the easiest vegetables to grow! Easily sown from seed, lots of kids get their first lesson in science class when they learn how to grow beans. I remember starting seeds in cardboard milk cartons when I was in kindergarten. That’s how easy it is to grow beans!

How to Grow Asparagus

With just a few plants, not only will you have the bonus of fresh asparagus right in you own backyard, but you will have it for up to 25 years! Yes, asparagus is actually a perennial vegetable, and when properly maintained, the plants will produce for years and years! Let’s dive into how to grow asparagus.